How Could There Be A Loving, Creator GGod?

We are given the freedom to be our heart’s desire and given a fantastic playground with infinite possibilities to learn within. Dreaming is everyone’s individual link-up to “deeper” realities. Everyone can rule their personalized playground the way they choose to, you just need to try. Or not rule it at all and let the thUgtopians rule over you, it is up to each aspiring, soul-fragment… and that is you… even if you are a sworn thUg to your Cult.
Mankind is a co-creative venture where you learn how to master your creativity and to grow with others. At our freshly fragmented level (off a larger soul/block), we then learn how to grow and how to also decay our fragment away as a part of the Creator GGod’s living masterpiece. The decaying fragments help the growing fragments by creating opposition… this is why there are thUgs. Reality is infinitely complex and, also, quite simple. Fresh fragments do not have to bother themselves with the unconscious tasks to maintain life, we just have to learn the loving- nature of GGod and Nature. We are all part of Nature and GGod, both thUgs and the “little sheeple”. There is really very little difference between the two cultures, they are both deeply lost within a consciously convincing trance, but the thUgs use their squandered history and technology to hinder their own species enlightenment and thus travel another low road towards failure… much like the ancient race did to the “lower” hominids with brainchips during their failing technological rule over ancient Earth. They failed GGods’ blueprint for a civilizational success. The thUgs have not been thinking very clearly while cycling mass destruction upon themselves in a worshipful, luciferian, artificially intelligent way. Our present day thUgs have been tricked into following the same path as “Homo capensis” towards self-annihilation. While GGod loving gives these thUgs the freedom to destroy themselves… to someday learn from their mass- confusion, and to help the spiritually-loving, little-sheeple “wake-up” at the same time within our multidimensional reality framework. “Multidimensional” means everyone is given the opportunity to “win”! It is not designed to nurture losers… To become lazy. If one is offered the secrets to the universe and he says he’d rather not know, then, that is “lazy” in an time of organized deception and destruction. We are born into this Earthly playground where we can become anything within our reasonable, mental grasp… we cannot shape-shift into snakes nor lizards (like the thUgs pretend to the sheeple). But nothing stops one from imagining that he can… ha haa, and this is what is total freedom allows… but soon reality and Nature will always bring such floating feet back upon the solid ground again, sooner or later. And this is the dilemma of mankind today, realizing the truth. There has been a hidden effort to mold society for the purpose of re-fabricating an A.I. controller computer by the Mystery School Cult. They imagined that their intellect would reign supreme over the “profane sheeple.” It actually hasn’t…. The Cult planned to repeat world domination as they murder and plunder their fellow species while rebuilding the fake-Utopia that (the self-proclaimed, scientific-elite) Huxley reminisced in his “A Brave New World.” All the secret society branches of this mystery school cult have failed to understand how the Creator G-God designed our beloved, corporeal space-time. G-God told the thUgs: “The Ends never justifies the Means,” but the network of thUgs chose to ignore the messenger and the loving warning that they are on a path to self-annihilation. These thUgtopians still worship: “EXITUS ACTA PROBAT” upon the Washington “Peace” Arch meaning “The outcome justifies the deed.” (murdering the placenta of sheeple)”You reap what you sow” G-God told them, but they just giggled and gloated with hateful, self-righteous greed. So, There are two groups of Homo sapiens today. One group squanders knowledge and technology, the other group is used as a herd of sheep-people contained in psychological fences. The prior are a network of thugs who I now call the thUgtopians rising their fake Utopia, while the latter are the bamboozled sheeple who play the role of being providers for and used by the thUgtopians.

Awaken Little Sheep-le — 2nd Chance, Spiritual/Life Guidance 2020—

Awaken $elf-Righteously Greedy and Hateful thUgtopians

Whistler Views Magazine, 2016

How Come the Earth Festers With thUgtopians?

You have been lied to, dear sheeple and young thUgs.

Some young thUgs-to-be suicide themselves rather than become a minion of the pathetically wicked. Dont kill yourselves, if you dont like something (like massive world-wide thUggery) you must try to somehow correct it… through some personal hardships, you shant give up nor give-in to what feels wrong or you will be failing your loving inner guidance from aspects of the creator GGod.  An A.I. head voice coming from a covertly implanted brainchip cannot replace GGod. You will know the difference if you are honest with your soul-fragment(Kleck is not) and it (your soul) will growing rather than be decaying-away.

Acts of murder harshly decays that fragment into a pathetic, shriveled, wasted attempt; so other than being used to help the growing of other souls… ThUgtopians are a waste unto themselves, but still made use-of… for others. Nothing goes to waste for the living masterpiece.

History in public schools and universities is mostly fake. Homo sapiens dont fit into the Earth’s primate tree because we are hybrids of the ancient Homo capensis and the non ancient Earth hominids ( like neanderthals). Schools, colleges, universities, all levels of Governments, hospitals, banks, etc., are where you find the thUg-network hiding-out… Collectively deceiving the sheeple. Jonathan Kleck is a good-intending brainchip prophet: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCfouJuNfUErGZ6lbPqh0Esg/videos Kleck is guided by an ai brainchip to reveal the old world order of control. Kleck does not reveal the NWO brainchips, the mictowave  prison-grid. Kleck is not fake but is a judas goat like Alex jones, Max Igan, Karen Hudes. Kleck is set-up constantly by pathetic thUgs… to rob him of his good-will, funny, how they self-righteously waste what they will soon wish will come their way. Kleck’s brainchip model knows when he lies so that was used to make techno-thUgs seem like gods that reads minds. Kleck dosent seek truth, but is not a thUgtopian like jones, igan, hudes, jordan,trump, trudeau… Everyone left in the public eye is mostly comprised by thUgtopia. Romley Stewart at Justinian Deception appears truthful, but he exposes the old world order, not the brainchip.

—jrsrj1 Chronicles, 2020—
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